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Royal Decree

It is a pleasure to address you on this day of achievement, filled with pride in you, in our beloved country and in the progress we have made in the process of development, modernization and reform. This process witnessed today an unprecedented national accomplishment as we establish the Constitutional Court, which we trust you to preside over, fully aware of the high sense of responsibility you have shown in carrying out your duties in various posts, along with your distinguished performance and loyalty to your country and people ..... Read more


Chairman Statement

Searching the constitutional issues including the issue of censorship and defend the legitimacy have become\ but even must acquire special significance especially after the political, economic and social transformations which dramatically accelerated recently with respect to legal and \or legitimate researches of legal and political life.

Jordanian Constitution

Constitutional life is not new in Jordan , it is even in accompany with establishing Jordanian entity (Emara) at that time , its beginning return to the year 1924 when the prince of princes ( Late King Abdallah I) ordered establishing a committee , of its duty is to put basic law ( i.e a Constitution) this committee finished its work in 1924. However, the implementation of its recommendation of issuing the constitution did not apply until 1928 due to both prevailing circumstances in the region and British occupation, taking into consideration that this basic law -constitution -was not responsive and able at that time to comprehend the aspiration of citizens in the completion of establishing a democratic state by virtue of a set of circumstances and the regional situation that prevailed the region at that time including Franco.      Read more

Video: The establishment of an constitutional court established the separation of powers and the King stressed his absolute support for the court in performing its duties.